Buderim is often referred to as the gateway to the Sunshine Coast delivering access from the mountains to the hinterland and out to the sea. Buderim offers a unique experience for both residents and tourists that combine the serene heights with the unique lifestyle of a village community offering shopping and dining along with the natural beauty of the Buderim Forest Park.

QLD Buderim 2008 Wikimedia Commons MapAn urban centre of the Sunshine Coast, Buderim offers spectacular views of the southern Sunshine Coast from the top of the 180 metre mountain where the township resides.

The name “Buderim” is derived from the local Kabi Kabi Aboriginal word for the hairpin honeysuckle.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics currently classifies Buderim based on the boundaries of the following suburbs:

  • Buderim
  • Forest Glen
  • Kunda Park
  • Mons
  • Mountain Creek
  • Sippy Downs
  • Tanawha

Historically, until the 2001 census, a section of Buderim within about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) of Sunshine Motorway, as well as Mountain Creek, were considered parts of the neighbouring Maroochydore urban centre according to Wikipedia.